Important Five Duties of Assistant Marketing Manager

Assistant marketing manager is a job for experienced professionals, who are having at least 3 plus years of experience in the field of marketing. Marketing assistant is an essential part of organization in designing marketing strategies to improve the turn over of the organization and these job duties will differ from industry to industry. These are the common duties of an Assistant marketing manager.

Important Five Duties of Assistant Marketing Manager

  • Prime duty is to create marketing strategies through planning and research on various factors such as pricing, competition, marketing research and customer/client preferences.
  • Clear cut understanding of organization/company goals, and work accordingly to achieve the goals.
  • Marketing manager needs to manage a team of employees  under him/her, marketing manager must motivate and extract results from his/her team members and also responsible for the outcome.
  • Another duty is to watch on for the latest changes in product trends / marketing trends and implement marketing strategies for the growth of the organization.
  • Assistant marketing manager, in the process of marketing research must attend all the top seminars / trade shows / Exhibition related to the industry to know and to find the latest developments / competitors / products in the industry, if the product is an international product preferably visiting trade shows  taking place anywhere in the  world is a big advantage and also following the business magazines related to the industry, web news, latest white papers on your industry, etc.
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This job will attract an excellent salary. This article contains only the generic duties of Assistant marketing manager, duties and responsibilities might vary from organization and country.

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