Top Eight Responsibilities of a Product support manager

Product support manager is an important position in the company, an experienced professional having relevant experience in the industry can perform well.Product support manager is responsible for creating and executing product strategy. Product support manager works in deadlines and it is generally a high pressure… Read More

Top roles and duties of operations manager

Job description of operations manager The Operations Manager is purely responsible for the improvement in operational system of any organization. The operations manager has to take responsibility of data entry work, employment payroll, payable accounts, administrate HR of the organization. The operations manager should help… Read More

Expected Skills and Responsibilities of Telecommunication Engineer

Telecommunication is a term referred for transmission of information and signals. Generally telecommunication engineer will have to deal with electrical and electronic activities, systems, radars, satellite, and navigation. Advancement in technology helps telecommunication engineers to bring all countries closer by means of telecommunicating equipments like… Read More