Skills and Qualifications required to become an Embedded Developer

An embedded developer needs to develop application using embedded technology. This job position has got greater demand as future consumer appliances will all use this technology.

Skills and Qualifications required to become an Embedded Developer

  • Some of the companies accept Bachelor’s degrees others expect an Engineering degree.
  • Getting this job as a fresher is a difficult task, but generally company needs 3-5 years of experience in software application.
  • Working experience in Embedded technology
  • Candidate applying for this job should be strong in Basic programming languages such as C , C++.
  • Knowledge about  Networking protocols is an advantage
  • Working experience and the ability to built software in Linux based file systems.
  • Experience in working with CSS, XML and ability to transport  all media components such as data, video and audio.
  • Must possess experience in device driver development and support in Linux environment, building Linux modules, developing and supporting NFS on a Linux based system.
  • Experience developing/debugging Linux based file systems and developing/debugging SAN based technologies and protocols in a Linux based system
  • Knowledge and understanding of XML and application layer protocols such as HTTP, RTSP, SNMP, RTP, and RTCP
  • Knowledge and understanding of CSS, XML and transportation of audio, video, and data
  • Common skills required for this job are : analytical and problem solving skills, software skills, should work as a team player, good communication skills, and ability to design software application.
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These are the general skills and qualifications list for embedded developer, this may vary according to each company, industry and also country.

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