Skills and Responsibilities of a Forensic Accountant


A forensic accountant is a person typically hired by large firms, regulatory authorities, law professionals  to help disentangle crimes through their  crime related investigations , fraud , litigation support services from the accounting perspective.

Skills Required:

A bachelor degree in Business, finance, accounts, economics with a CPA certification accompanied by 3years and above experience of forensic accounting in large firms.

Understanding of forensic accounting concepts, analytical skills, technical skills, excellent communication and knowledge in basics of computers.

Accuracy, Attention to details, team working capability, numerical skills, diplomacy and extreme discretion are among the most required skills of a forensic accountant.


  • Help and assist in various forensic accounting, litigation matters, providing strong evidences to court.
  • Designing of computer models upon analysis of various financial statements and accounting records.
  • Meet clients regarding important facts, documents, people and all problems in hand.
  • Performing initial investigations, conflict checking, obtaining necessary documents, financial info’s or proofs supporting evidence of the event.
  • Preparation of  final reports per requirements.
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