About skills and responsibilities of Insurance Assistant

Insurance Assistant

Insurance Assistant is a basic role in any organization handling insurance as their key business.  These people require at least two years of experience in customer servicing or administrative experience is preferred.

Skills Required

  • Insurance assistant must possess at least a high school diploma
  • Must have attention to details and the ability to interpret procedures.
  • Effective interpersonal, organizational and communication skills¬† to resolve daily issues, answer frequently asked questions and ability to judge the right time to escalate more complex issues.
  • Must possess knowledge and skills in computer especially in Microsoft Office packages.

Responsibilities of Insurance Assistant

  • Maintain, create and work with huge information databases.
  • Look after creation and development of insurance and bonding reports.
  • Prepare and fill up insurance forms and documents, certificates, etc.
  • Preparation of invoices and file customer database for the area assigned to them.
  • Provide excellent customer service and provide support to retain and acquire profitable business of the company
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