Skills and Responsibilities of a Insurance Pricing Analyst

Insurance Pricing Analyst Job Skills and Responsibilities

Insurance Pricing Analyst needs to assess and report on the performance of a range of brokers, policies; schemes associated to the insurance company and decide on the policy pricing based on the analysis and actuarial studies.

Skills Required

  • The apt candidate must be a qualified actuary or should have completed is degree or masters in actuarial studies such as mathematics, statistics and also a good knowledge in accounts and finance.
  • Excellent computer handling talents.
  • Brief knowledge or experience about general insurance pricing for property, life, casualty insurance schemes.
  • Good communication, marketing and interpersonal skills.


  •  Coordinate with the product teams and actuary groups to collect and interpret detailed pricing support to the individual policies, schemes and the portfolio as such.
  • Apply and incorporate effective pricing approaches and analysis to the new products launched by the insurance company.
  • Make sure of the integrity of data’s and financial reporting throughout the teams.
  • Manage all the expectations of the key share holders and work together to achieve shared organizational goals.
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