Top Five Duties of Human Resource Manager

Human resource manager, shortly called HR manager has several duties to do in an organization. Quality HR manager can help the organization in a great deal by appointing correct resource for the correct job position. HR manager should be very good in Planning and evaluating the Human resource and fit in the right person to the organization for the right kind of job.  In many ways HR managers would be of great help to the organization. Let us learn about the core duties of HR manager.

Top Five Duties of Human Resource Manager

  • Recruiting is the major duty of a HR manager. HR manager should recruit quality workforce to the organization by testing and take necessary interviews to select a quality resource to the company. From A to Z, every single activity of interviewing process is taken care by HR manager.
  • Salary negotiation with the selected candidate is also an important duty of HR manager after the candidate is selected for the job.
  • HR duty is to Conduct orientation and training programs for those who are  newly selected to join the organization.
  • Duty is check with the newly inducted persons whether they are satisfied with the pay and other things etc.
  • HR manager duty is to see to that , the employees get frequent performance appraisals and make the employees stay motivated.

Overall HR Duty is to keep the employees satisfied make sure that they get the performance bonus  and also frequent hike in their salary keep them interested in working with the company which enables the employees to work more efficiently and meet their designated goals.

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