Skills and Responsibilities of Wealth Management Consultant

The Wealth Management Consultant is a person who identifies and develops new business relationships for the banks, trusts and investment management services organizations. The skills and responsibilities of the job are briefly described as below

Skills Required

  •  A bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or other related field and an equivalent work experience in the relevant field.
  • More than 5 years of sales experience with lofty net worth clients in the financial sales industry.
  • A professional qualification like CFA, CFP, CPA or JD.
  • Good professional, interpersonal, interpretational, written and verbal communication are most important skills.


  • Must demonstrate business development and excellent sales abilities.
  • Should communicate and consult with internal and external clientele and introduce them towards the new products of the bank or trust to which they are employed.
  • Should maintain good community and industrial organizational membership by active participation.
  • Should have the capacity to build partnerships and work with others as a part of the team.
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