Duties and Skills required to become an Accounts Analyst

Account’s analyst is a sensitive job requirement for any organization. Accurately maintaining of proper accounts in a correct manner can give great confidence to any company, and the right kind of accounting will help companies to find the financialposition of where they stand, and it helps to do a proper assessment about the financial future of the company.

To do these things every single company has to appoint an Accounts analyst to make sure the accounting procedures and other processes are taken out smoothly, which will help business to perform better. A person doing this job should have necessary experience to find accounting issues, analyze and interpret the data and provide customized financial reports to the company.

Primary duties of an Account Analyst

  • Streamlining and maintaining both normal and complex accounts is the prime duty of an Accounts Analyst.
  • Ability to work with Excel books sheets, analyze and interpret data and deliver complex reports on request from the client matching on various criteria.
  • Analyze, Monitor all the transactions and prepare financial reports for the annual budget of the company.
  • Ability to find accounting issues and solve it
  • Delivering monthly balance sheet reconciliation is an important duty of Accounts analyst.
  • Create roles and accounting procedures which comply with the state laws for the company and also aim at reducing the cost for the company.
  • Maintaining portfolio type accurate accounts of each customer /clients of the company.

Required Skills for an Accounts Analyst

  • Every company will provide necessary training about their accounting patterns and procedures before you get into that job, after getting the training you should have the skill to find issues and resolve them.
  • Complete Knowledge about Microsoft Excel and other databases which includes, Ms-Access, MySQL, Oracle database 11g, MS-SQL and some companies use different types of databases other than the listed to store data where they will definitely provide training.
  • Complete operating Knowledge about other external software like QuickBooks (used in USA), Sage (used in UK), and Tally (used in India) which are commonly used on most of the companies is really an advantage.
  • Communication skills both written and oral are needed for you to know exactly what you want from the company and to deliver the requirements given by the company.
  • Ability to work on deadlines must have a positive attitude, enthusiastic and should have high level of concentration and ability to spot out accounting issues and rectify it.
  • Should maintain good relationship with co-workers, stakeholders, clients of the company


These are general duties and skills required to become an Accounts Analyst. The above-mentioned duties, skills and knowledge about the databases and external software will differ according to each company and country. You can only take this above job information as a guideline and more or less top international companies demand these skills and duties for an account’s analyst.