Administrative Coordinator Job responsibilities and requirements

Administrator Co-ordinator

Administrative coordinator demands a lot of responsibility, as an administrative coordinator you have a wide range of duties and responsibilities to do in a professional manner.

Individuals applying for this jobmust have previous experience in administration related to the industry.  Here are some of the major responsibilities you need to do as an Administrative coordinator.

Responsibilities of Administrative Co-ordinator

  • Responsible for  managing and supervising people, and ability to act as a liaison between external vendors and other departments.
  • Administrative coordinator must be able to help in designing the budget and also implement the task within the cost limits.
  • Responsible for the analysis and reporting of the tasks.
  • Responsible in coordinating and communicate work , Supervise and extract output from various department employees  in the organization.
  • Organize each task meticulously and point of action.
  • Scheduling meetings and complete the tasks on time.
  • Administrative coordinator is also responsible for maintaining the databases, generate reports , check emails, mails and send prompt replies for the action to be taken in a timely manner.

Responsibilities might change according to each company and employer, the above are the general responsibilities of an Administrative coordinator.

Duties of an Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator must be able to monitor various accounts, ability to maintain and control the budget as far as the cost is concerned and write financial reports of the analysis.

Job Requirements of Administrative Coordinator

This is a job, which can be handled by experienced professionals in the field of administration, company/organization expect at least five years of experience in administration and should have excellent communication skills, problem solving, strong analytical skills  and primarily individual must have leadership quality to perform this job excellently and achieve the tasks on time.

Overall this job is for the experienced one, must have been working knowledge in Microsoft office, should have been working  knowledge on MS- SQL, My Sql and Oracle.