Duties of an Admission Representative

This kind of job prevails in Institutions such as schools, colleges and any training institution. Your primary job is to bring more students to the institution and literally act as a sales representative to tell about the institution and explain the courses to the students who seek for admission and how these course will help them to achieve goals .

Duties of Admission Representative

  • Help the students who seek for admission in the enrollment process giving them necessary application form to fill up and get applied for the course or join the college or school.
  • Admission representative must also play a role in selecting the students, which one is worthy and do recruitment process.
  • Help students in filling up the form, provide assistance on selecting the course. Communicate about the fees structure, other prices to the students when you have selected them.
  • Another duty of admission representative is to contact the prospective students and interview them and select according to the performance.
  • Ability to create connections with leading company and arrange for a campus interview ( this is applicable only when you are admission representative in the college)
  • Act as a liaison between institution and students. Talk with the students and find out whether they are having any problems with the facilities. If not, solve it immediately by reporting it to the management.

These are the general duties of an Admission representative, the job responsibility might change according to each institution.