Work and tasks of Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineer is a designer of aircrafts, army missiles and space shuttles. They sketch the design of the aerospace vehicles with some engineering calculations and developed a prototype for testing purpose. There are aerospace engineers who specialize in particular vehicles like passenger aircraft, Satellite rockets, helicopters, Cargo planes, Army jets, etc.

Specialization in underwater vehicles like submarines was also done by aerospace engineers. Aerospace Engineers find prominent place in Aircraft designing companies and space research institutes.

They also do research in the modifying the existing airspace vehicle design to make even more effective. They need to posses bachelor degree in aeronautical engineering or aircraft designing as their basic educational qualification.

Tasks of Aerospace Engineer:

  •  Before designing a vehicle, they need to ensure the area of design that they are going to do.
  •   Later analyze the existing vehicles of that area with complete data.
  • They have to make sure that they design according to the customer requirements.
  •   In designing a new vehicle they need to research the essential parts required for the design.
  •   They have to make load calculations, wing design and various other designing aspects in the vehicle with engineering notations.
  •    Prototype is made in order to test the working of the vehicle.
  •   Risk factors in application have to be made before implementation.
  • Aeronautical Engineering candidates can apply for the post of aerospace engineer or designer after ensuring their exact tasks they need to carry out in the organization.