Know about the Qualifications and Responsibilities of Air Traffic Controller

The air traffic controller is mostly employed by the Federal Aviation Administration of the respective federal government in each country. Air traffic control is a vast network of people and equipment that involves coordination of the air traffic movement. They ensure the safety of passengers, and also reduce delays in flight landing by their efficient direction skills.

Skills and Education Required:

  • Should have completed airline related 4 year degree and should have been trained in air traffic controlling with certification from accredited institutions.
  • Must pass the medical and other qualifying exams.
  • Should have worked in the airline industry relating to coordinating and controlling of air traffic.
  • Should be motivated, committed, decisive and self confident person.


  • To control the air traffic operating within the designated sector of airspace beyond airports and between centers.
  • Receive and transmit flight plans, navigational maps, meteorological information and relay traffic control and instructions concerned with aircraft safety to the pilot.
  • To prevent collisions between aircrafts and minimize traffic congestion delays.
  • Alert airport crew members through phone or radio in case of any problems with the flights.
  • Manage cross country flight plans efficiently and transmit the same to the control room.
  • Keep written records of messages from the flight.
  • Transferring controls of departuring flights and receives arriving flight controls from air traffic control centers.