Job and responsibilities of anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist is the one who keenly attend to the patients undergoing surgery to provide pain killers or anesthetics called sleeping pills. They do research with anesthetics in order to estimate the duration of numbness and sedation in patients. They will be inquiring about the previous medications and treatments that a patient has undergone. They analyze the patient’s health conditions and prescribe the amount or quantity of anesthetic they require, as over dosage of anesthetics can be fatal sometimes.

Patients suffering from cancer disease were their concern because it is known at cancer causes severe pain. Providing anesthesia for a cancer patient is not an easy job, it requires cancer stage analysis and an anesthesiologist does that. Moreover they monitor the heart beat rate, pulse, functioning of kidney, breathing mechanism and pressure in the blood of the patient before the anesthetic treatment.

Responsibilities of Anesthesiologists:

They have to inquire about the disease and previous medication or treatment prior in deciding the analysis.

  • They need to check up the health condition of the patient.
  • They should provide the necessary dosage of anesthesia required after the analysis of the health condition and treatment they will opt to.
  • They have to monitor the essential body mechanisms like heart beat, blood pressure, pulse, functioning of lungs and kidneys every now and then until the patient gets recovered in order to give reverse anesthetic medicine to regain the consciousness of the patient if needed in emergency.
  • They have a major responsibility in taking care of the patients undergoing surgery till they get discharge from the recovery room.

Applicants applying for the post of anesthesiologist need to know about their responsibilities and duties before taking up so that it will be useful for them to cope up with the career and be successful.