Responsibilities of Audiologist

Hearing impairments and other ear related issues are addressed by a specialist called Audiologists. Normally the reason of hearing disabilities is due to factors like shock during birth, hereditary disorders, and viral contagions, sudden exposure to loud noise and sometimes due to aging.

One among these factors should be responsible for the ear problem in the patients and they need to be identified by conducting various hearing tests. An Audiologist is the one who conducts such tests and prepares reports to find the apt treatment to offer for the patients.

They also resolve the degree of impairment in patients. In rare cases, Hearing disabilities creates speech impairments too. So Audiologists also need to make sure that they conduct speech tests for the infants at early stages. They are referred to be the diagnostic in profession but the treatments are up to physicians.

Responsibilities of Audiologists:

  • They need to analyze the patient’s hearing capacities by conducting various audio tests and have to conclude the degree of impairment. In case of new born babies all ENT tests are taken to diagnose the disability.
  • After concluding they have to go through the data obtained for the best of treatments required for the patients.
  • The tests reports along with the treatment suggestion reports have to be submitted to the physicians specialized in ear.
  • In other hand, Audiologists can conduct research in inventing new methodology and equipments for hearing tests.