About Skills and Responsibilities of Automobile Engineering Technician

These are people  who extend hands on help for engineers in designing, developing, producing, inspecting and testing of motor vehicles and their important parts.

Skills and Personality Requirements:

  • The important skill is the technical ability  to solve problems  relating to repairs very quickly.
  • Understanding of electronically and mechanical systems, computers and ergonomics.
  • Ability to read, understand and perform and explain activities based on technical drawings and plans given for the work.
  • To be abreast and willing to learn new and rapidly developing automotive technology.
  • Should be resourceful, proactive and a good team player and motivator.

Job Responsibilities:

  •  Work with other engineers in power units , electrical systems brakes, computers etc.
  • Plan production requirements  and arrange to buy the parts required for production.
  • Estimate costs and develop testing procedures to ensure safety and extremely high quality of their products.
  • Work in R&D of electrical systems.
  • Make sure the reliability and compliance with legal requirements for their products.
  • Capable of leading teams comprising of other similar technicians and craftsmen.