Duties of Avionics design engineer

Avionics Design Engineer

Avionics Design Engineer is hired by avionics consultancy companies and leading air lines for repairing,making or testing the electronic parts of the airplane and proper monitor of RADAR traffic, bench fault repair. Candidates having strong understanding of  technical and natural sciences are best suited for these kind of jobs.


  • To work with engineer teams , including in-house and contractor personnel in the development of various projects.
  • To be responsible for the hands on design of  power conversion systems, circuit designs, thermal design.
  • To be proactive in the R&D for the future cost saving of the industry.
  • Handling of satellite systems,  related sensors & actuators.
  • Should be well versed to handle on-board computer and attitude orbit & control systems equipment, electrical integration and adaptability with SW interface.
  • To perform technical avionics & Functional Validation activities.
  • Duties and responsibilities vary from firm to firm and country to country. The most generic of them are mentioned in the above article.