Basic requirements and duties of a Proof reader

Proof reading is an important job, whether you work for an offline or online news magazine or a web portal. Those who apply for this job must be knowledgeable and should have 100% concentration at work, which is the basic requirement for any company employing a Proof reader.

Proof reader help people to read the content without any errors, this can increase the user experience on a particular magazine or website.  These are the basic requirements and duties of a Proof reader.

Basic Requirements and duties of a Proof Reader

  • Candidates should have good command over English grammar and vocabulary. You should at least have passed high school education.
  • Most of the companies only look out for experienced, Proof readers should have at least two years of experience.
  • Ability to find mistakes on the sentence and accurately check and correct  grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.
  • Most of the companies appoint individuals that can be able to do proof reading on all types of documents pertaining to any topic, whether it be for a website, magazine, newspaper, brochure or a product writes up.
  • You must have good general knowledge and also industry based technical knowledge  to check the content and correct it.
  • This job needs more attention, even a small mistake can defeat the purpose, you must have 100% concentration on doing the job.Proof reader must find mistakes easily in a particular sentence, candidates with strong aptitude skills will be highly suitable for this job.

These are general basic requirements and duties of a proof reader, if you feel you have the capability and experience you can apply for this job. Most of the big companies expect at least 2 years of experience for this job.