Big Data Architect roles and responsibilites | Skills of a Big Data Architect

What is Big data?

The name itself suggests that it explains about the large data which are both structured and unstructured which can be used for data mining.

The Big data is huge and it is stored on a global level. This requires a set of technologies and technique to organize the data, store and analyze.  This data is very much useful for influencing business decisions through the collection of large set of data.

Big Data architect Roles and Responsibilities

This will be a senior level position and your duty to solve big data problems by structuring and analyze the behavior of data using a data technology called Hadoop.  Hadoop takes care of Debugging, Monitoring and performance tuning.  Big data architect must able to handle large scale database, analyzing the patterns of data to make strong and accurate business decisions.  Big data architect must be a strong team leader, ability to mentor and collaborate with the other teams. Ability to build rapport and relationship with the vendors and partner companies.

Skills of a big data architect

  • Strong decision making skills in terms of data analysis and must have the ability to architect large data.
  • Machine learning is something which is a very important skill to know to do this job. Knowing about the pattern recognition, text mining, clustering is an advantage to handle big data.
  • Strong experience in programming languages and latest technologies such as :  C#.NET, Elastic, all types of Javascript frameworks, HTML5, CSS, RESTful Services,  Spark, Python, Linux, Hive, Kafka, Redis Cloudera etc.
  • Need knowledge and experience with the latest data technologies  and frameworks  such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, Oozie, Flume, ZooKeeper, MongoDB, NoSQL and Cassandra.
  • Many companies look out for people with knowledge of cloud computing and who has got the experience working with various cloud environments.
  • Agile and scrum methodologies is a must to know for this job.
  • Experience with Data warehousing and data mining is a must.

Preferred skills of a Big Data Architect by many employers

  1. Big data architect must have great experience and knowledge about data architectures and could able to handle and analyze large data.
  2. Hadoop is something is a preferred skill/ experience that many employers expect with the Big data architect.
  3. Python, Java , C# and .Net are the programming technologies that are preferred by many companies.
  4. MongoDB, NoSQL, Oracle and Cassandra are some of the database experience that employers look in for a Big Data architect.

As per statistics, USA requires more big data architects and there are going to be more jobs opened in the future, those who are good and have got experience with data architecture can easily take up Big Data as a career.