Skills and Responsibilities of a Forensic Accountant

FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT A forensic accountant is a person typically hired by large firms, regulatory authorities, law professionals  to help disentangle crimes through their  crime related investigations , fraud , litigation support services from the accounting perspective. Skills Required: A bachelor degree in Business, finance, accounts,… Read More

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineer is a designer of aircraft’s, army missiles and space shuttles. They sketch the design of the aerospace vehicles with some engineering calculations and developed a prototype for testing purpose. There are aerospace engineers who specialize in particular vehicles like passenger aircraft, Satellite rockets,… Read More

Technical security officer

Technical security officer job holders must be a self -motivated and should be aware of security management systems. Will have to work in areas where there is no clear cut requirement, and you have to satisfy the demands of your employer.  Individual must have good… Read More

Online Marketing Course

Courses in Online or Cyber Marketing Online marketing has now turned out to be a vital fragment of e-commerce as well as the World Wide Web related businesses. Online marketing refers to a expertise of magnetizing potential customers  to your/company’s products or services through such… Read More

Interim Payroll Manager

Interim payroll manager is one who has complete knowledge about payroll processes and different scenario’s of requirement. Payroll manager generally should have good interpersonal skills with a great confidence. Interim payroll manager has to know about payroll processes, this position demands high level of leadership… Read More