Skills and Responsibilities of CIO

Chief Information Officer

The article is all about the chief information officer otherwise known as CIO, who are responsible for the overall technological directions of an organization.

They are involved in strategic business planning as part of executive team. CIO is responsible for providing technological vision and leadership to the IT department and take the organization safely to growth path.

Skills Required:

  • Minimum of at least 3 years of  hands on experience in the field of Information Technology and a Master’s degree in the relevant subject.
  • Knowledge and understanding of various office productivity software’s such as word processors, spreadsheets etc.
  • Good knowledge of Operating systems such as Unix, Microsoft Office, familiarity in LAN,WAN designing , operation and implementation.
  • Ability to resolve complex issues both technical and interpersonal with high professionalism.
  • Effective spoken and written communication skills with excellent presentation skills.
  • Help in integration and maintenance of all IT functions of an organization with pioneering skills.


  • Defining , Updating, implementing  and Managing and aligning IT objectives  to enterprise objectives.
  • Prepare and define metrics based on  overall business objectives.
  • Selection, management , controlling, and establishing  strategic partnerships with Information Technology service providers.
  • Adjust IT standards and technologies for optimizing and designing them inline to organization’s process.
  • Plan, execute and manage IT strategy initiatives.
  • Optimization of services and its cost through a mix  of  outsourced (external) and inhouse (internal) resources.