Civil Engineer – Construction Skills and Qualification

Civil Engineering

This is a career on the subject of  installation of electrical and mechanical equipments, maintenance and its operation ,support facilities, HVAC mechanism,refrigeration systems and their relevant  controls.

It also includes construction , pavement activities,metal fabrication,railroads, fire protection , repairing and constructing of plumbing,water, operation and preparation of hazardous weapons, airspace vehicles, detecting and defusing nuclear,chemical and biological contaminants , harbor rescue etc.

Construction EngineerSkills and Qualifications:

  • Must possess civil or structural engineering degree with  5 to 10 years of field experience.
  • Tremendous organizational , communicational, planning, supervisory and interpersonal skills are required.
  • Universal understanding and competency in computers and to be proficient  with Auto CAD.

Essential Responsibilities of  a Construction Engineer:

  • Prepare plans,designs,analysis,calculations etc  according to codes and standards in the fields of formwork,foundations of crane, concrete,steel etc.
  • Preparation of  cost estimates  for the purpose of bidding .
  • Familiar with  production using concrete, aluminium, steel its placing , protection etc.
  • Analyzing various  engineering methods like  construction using  structures, aluminium, using different methods of construction.
  • Ability sequence false work  at economic rates, deciding on  forming problems as and when the project requires.
  • Work with eminent team of members and juggle tasks as mentioned by senior officials.