Commercial Loan officer | Bachelors in economics | ability to accumulate deposits and Loans

Job of commercial loan office must have a wider lending experience able to accumulate loans and deposits through various business sources, must  be very smart and ablity to create strong business relationship and attract loans and deposit pour into the company.

Skills and qualification

A commercial Loan officer can be a graduate in economics or any finance area, should have a good knowledge about handling customers and should have knowledge about sales and Marketing which will help a lot in accumulating loans or deposits for the company. Must be strong in written and oral communications, interpersonal skills is an absolute necessity.

Responsibilities of Commercial Loan officer

  • Meet the existing business clients and  evaluate their deposits and loan.
  • Ability to collect and present all information, all financial records  about the loans or deposit which a client has requested to do.
  • Help business to open credit deposits or loans
  • Participate in company meetings and analyze how to improve the financial situation of the company.
  • Has got a target to achieve always keep looking for potential people to gain loans and deposits. Their extra income is based on their performance.

Salary approximately  ranges from $400 K to$450 k per year.