Skills and Responsibilites of a Copywriter

Copy writing is the most fabulous job in the current career environment. This career is most suitable for people who have effective and creative writing skills. This job  doesn’t require tedious and long work.

Skills of a CopyWriter:

1)      Creation and execution of Innovative and conceptual  online, web,digital , print and/or direct mail advertising.

2)      Captive long form writing and headline writing requiring sharp writing skills.

3)      Writing strap lines and body copy of TV concepts through to direct and digital marketing.

4)      Good graphic designing or picture to support the copy writing effectively to get the attention towards the product or business.

Responsibilities of Copywriter:

1)Should be able to partner with art directors, graphic designers to ensure the art direction to support the concept presented in writing.

2) Must be an exceptional writer who can juggle multiple projects simultaneously and work closely with clients.

3) Must attract many towards the client’s business by  sharp writing skills.

4) Should be aware of the current advertising market scenario to present their products effectively in the market.