Top skills required to become a Database Architect

This position is an important position in the organization, Most of the top notch IT companies need a data architect, companies only employ experienced professionals for Data architect. These are the following  general skills needed to become a data architect.

  • Data architect must have knowledge¬† to design database architecture, this is the base for any company, the candidate who want to become a Data architect must be able to design and document the database architecture of the organization.
  • Data warehousing is an important feature most of the companies do not have it, must have complete knowledge about Data warehousing and ability to create a data warehousing platform in the organization.
  • Ability to create data schema, create necessary tables and procedures and assign permission to the database.
  • Knowledge about data backup, mirroring and clustering is a must for this job.
  • Data architect is an hectic job, should support the organization on various issues arising due to database.
  • Must have knowledge to suggest new database technologies and ability to incorporate security procedures and encryption rules to the database.
  • Ability to resolve issues happening due to database crashes and other issues.
  • Frequently run and update patches in the database for smooth functioning of database.

Data architect is an important job, only experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge in database architecture can perform this job. Candidate applying this job must have at least a Master degree in computer applications, Knowledge of top databases such as MY SQL, MS-SQL is required and also basic networking qualities are essential for this job.