Top Eight Duties of a Database Analyst

This position requires adequate knowledge about Databases and this position is mostly for experienced individuals having at least 3 to 5 years of experience in working with Ms SQL and My SQL databases.

Individual applying for this job must have adequate knowledge about Data mining and Data warehousing concepts and should have thorough knowledge in Microsoft Office ( Word, Power point, Excel specifically). Must know all the softwareplatforms and various server programming languages.

Top Eight Duties of a Database Analyst

1.  Creating a Robust database design for the organization and reviewing the data on a daily basis will be the first task and make sure that the data is properly inserted to the system.

2. Recommending specific operating system, software’s and work on  cost analysis and get it approved by the management of the organization and  implement new database system for users/clients.

3. Create reports and write small programs to test and analyze the database.

4.  Create , manage, analyze the data in a regular basis is the prime most duty of a database analyst.

5. Ability to write database programs to bring the desired output from the data. For example: such as Term sales in a given date range or month range, Past 6 months profit and loss etc.,

6. Manage data from the beginning to the end on a project basis

7.  Preparing specification documents for the users

8.  Database analyst is responsible for all the data inside the database, he/she must take a frequent backup of the database, in order to make sure that data is not lost and keep records of the archives.

These are the general duties of a Database Analyst.