Desktop Support Specialist duties and responsibilities

Desktop Support Specialist – Job Description


Desktop Support specialist is one of the easiest IT jobs to get in the industry because of the number of openings available in the job market. These are the following basic skills that most of the employer expects from the candidate.

  1.  Good Communication skills
  2.  Excellent customer support attitude
  3.  Good documentation skills
  4.  Experience with operating systems such as Windows/ Linux  with excellent knowledge and experience with MS- OFFICE or equivalent.

Once you have the skills mentioned above, you are naturally eligible to apply for this position.


Duties and Responsibilities

Duties mentioned below are generic but it will give you an idea of what kind of duties that are common to do this job.

  1. Primary duty is to provide excellent customer/ client experience, the support should be immediate and precise on all technical issues.
  2. Must be able to install applications on client environment, troubleshoot the issues, taking backups of the data in the hardisk and make necessary upgrades to the system.
  3. Provides support for other end users in the organization, ability to work and resolve hardware problems.
  4. Ability to respond to queries in a quick manner that results in great user experience


  1. Response rate is the important and primary responsibility of a Desktop Support Specialist, issues must be attended in a good manner.
  2. Analyse and take proper decision and implementation on what type of software and hardware configurations that are required for the organization
  3. Monitor and work on maintaining the LAN or WAN infrastructure in the office.
  4. Monitor and work on maintaining the LAN or WAN infrastructure in the office. Ability to troubleshoot TCP / IP networking issues.
  5. Make sure the PC’s/ Laptop’s function properly, take measures to avoid downtime and monitor to keep things smoothly
  6. Taking care of all the networking issues and troubleshoot it as soon as possible
  7. Maintaining and creating a document management system to protect and restore the data.

Qualifications of a Desktop Support Specialist

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Experience with Operating systems, Hardware and software configurations
  3. Great support attitude
  4. Good Team player and great interpersonal skills
  5. Problem solving skills
  6. Multi tasking is a very important skill for this job
  7. Experience working in multiple environments such as Windows, Linux or Mac OSX
  8. Good knowledge of MS-office, ability to work on sheets and create documentation for the users
  9. Experience in responding to ticket based support system