Responsiblities of Digital CRM analyst | Skills and Qualifications of Digital CRM analyst.

Digital CRM analyst job has got some important responsibilities and duties to do and the person doing this job is responsible for all the success company gets from all the commercial programs conducted by the company to increase ROI equity using CRM tools.

Digital CRM analyst should act as a liaison between internaland external share holders of the company. You must have a strong understanding about CRM strategies and how to implement it. This job can be handled by an experienced professional who has at least six -seven years of experience in handling Digital and CRM tools.

Digital CRM analyst responsibilities

  • Responsibility to generate new innovative programs for digital and relationship marketing.
  • Responsibility to manage, contribute and implement those innovative programs and get results out of it.
  • Learn about the organization culture through multivariate testing and understanding about the digital channels and support for greater performance.
  • Responsible for creating CRM strategies for the organization.
  • Help in providing suggestions in the process of selecting appropriate digital tools and provide consulting on implementing latest techniques for measurement and analysis.
  • Responsibility to design and develop features on your own, design road maps and execute it for the organization.

Skills and Qualifications required for a Digital CRM analyst.

  • Must definitely have work at least 6-7 years of experience in digital marketing
  • Ability to find complex problems and solve it with the experience.
  • Should have working knowledge and analyze using Excel / SAS/SPSS. Should have strong analytical skills ability to work with  Advanced Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ability to work with large databases and should know how to extract and manipulate it.
  • Experience in digital media, online advertising will really add more chance to get a job as a digital CRM analyst.
  • Understand of CRM strategies, marketing principals and industry oriented knowledge are necessary skills to become a Digital CRM analyst.
  • Prior experience in regression analysis and Data Modeling is an added advantage.

List of Tools to be known to become a digital CRM analyst

  • MS – Excel
  • SAS
  • SPSS
  • Cognos
  • Business Objects
  • MS-Access
  • MS- SQL ( coding and analyzing data)


Note: The job functionality, Skill sets, responsibilities will vary to each company and location, above article is only general guideline,as some company may require some skill sets and some company do not need it.  It is all depends upon the company where you are going to apply for Digital CRM analyst Job.