Duties and General skill sets to become a data analyst

Businesses that are doing business services such as marketing research on any industry, survey research, IT Services, and BPO, etc. require a data analyst. This article helps you to know about the basic duties and general skill set to become a data analyst.

You can find data analyst working in different industries, such as medical, business, legal, etc. Where there is a necessity for analyzing a data, there comes the need for appointing a data analyst.  These are the general duties of a data analyst.

  • Analyze the given data for further development of the company on various criteria /filters depending upon the type of data to be analyzed, if the survey or market research is about the retail stores, definitely analysis will be on customer behavior, quality and performance. The duty to the individual will vary according to the type of sector and country.
  • A Data analyst must have the ability to create report procedures and policies and should know about what the company wants as far as the given data is concerned, must communicate with necessary people within or outside the company (Client) and design and implement reporting procedures. Perform various tasks, analyze various metrics and create and distribute reports.
  • Data analyst has the duty to prepare forecast reports with the help of the data given to the analyst. Data analyst should deliver all the necessary forecast reports of the company on every month end or quarter according to the requirements and norms of the company.
  • Design programs for data development and develop reporting tool.
  • Prime Duty is to verify the accuracy and quality of the data given to the data analyst to trim or remove useless data. This process is generally called as data cleansing.

General Skill set required for becoming a data analyst

  • Mathematical, Problem solving and good analytical skills are the basic skills required for this job.
  • Good knowledge about Microsoft Excel and should have the ability to work with complex calculations
  • Knowledge and experience about different types of databases such as MS –SQL, MySQL and Database design structure is very important for this job.
  • If you want to apply a job as a data analyst in big companies, they will expect a minimum of 1-3 years of experience in quantitative data analysis.
  • Must have superior concentration as committing a small mistake can lead to bigger problems.
  • Good communication skills both oral and written are required for this job.
  • Individual must have the willingness to work well with a team.

These are the General skill set for a data analyst. The above mentioned duties and skill set differ to each company, country because data analyst can be working in any type of  industry.