Duties,Qualification and Work nature of Anthropologists

Anthropology is defined as the study of human science and an Anthropologist is a researcher who makes the study about the human development, relations, about their origin and type of race they belong to. They research about the characteristics, culture and habits of the Homo sapiens in different continents. They also investigate about ancient civilizations and cultural habits of the humans.

They are similar to archeologists as they too study many languages in order to make a deep study in that particular national. Thus Anthropologists are muti-linguists. Anthropologists specialize in different contexts such as biological, sociological, cultural and linguistic. Biological anthropologists are concerned in the study of the genetics and anatomy of humans, whereas social anthropologist makes societal studies of humans. They do research on every single aspect of a human life, and they publish the results as journals and textbooks for reference. They serve as the source for the study of psychology.

Educational qualification of an Anthropologist:

It is necessary that an individual should have completed his/her bachelor degree in anthropology in particular for government recognized posts. Eligibility is also considered if the applicant pursued any related degree like geology or Bachelor of sociology.

Duties of Anthropologists:

  • They should do in depth research about ancient civilizations to know about the survivals and their practices.
  • They should interpret their works into data and store it in the database for further reference.
  • They should learn some foreign languages, which will be helpful for their research works.