Skills and Responsibilities of Enterprise Architect,Enterprise Architect Roles and Skills

Enterprise Architect

The job of an enterprise architect is dealing with the strategies of an enterprise or a company and formulating or suggesting information technology systems architecture in order to support or accomplish the strategy of the enterprise. It’s now become common for the software and  hardware projects  fail to achieve its goal and therefore the EA’s or Enterprise architect’s  have now become inevitable  in today’s business world as they need to co-ordinate with the chief information officer to establish a good technology system.

Skills Required:

  • Communication along with a great self confidence as they need to act as a technical developer and then toggle to act as business managers in order to achieve their goals.
  • Require an educational qualification of MBA along with a BS or MS degree and certification on commonly accepted enterprise principals
  • Good knowledge on all enterprise software and Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Prior exposure in consultancy along with software projects in various industries is a must for an enterprise architect.

Responsibilities or Roles:

  • Ensure that the technological goals of the enterprise are in line with the business goals.
  • Check the quality and reusability of enterprise software is convincing in order to ensure prospective cost savings with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Should be able to communicate comfortably the good and bad on the project and its deadlines.
  • Efficiently align business goals with IT infrastructure that supports those goals.
  • Effectively understand the enterprise business and still be able to probe on the gritty IT issues.