About the skills and responsibilities of an Executive Director

Executive Director,Skills and Responsibilities

Every executive position held in the long run requires excellent skills in their respective field and the most common skills in all executive position is the people management skills. An executive director needs to move with regional managers, talk in board meetings, meet people with their own strategies and plans.

Generic Skill Requirement:

  •  Must hold a bachelors or master’s degree in management.
  • Should have a minimum of 5-10years of management experience in their respective field.
  • Must possess excellent communication skills and public relations.
  • Must have good written communication and ability to work under pressure.
  • Should be an excellent team player and possess good knowledge in all recent developments.


  • Must report to board of directors, communicate organizational programs and represent the organization to the media, agencies, organizations and general public.
  • Must assure the organization has long range strategies that achieve its mission and moves forward towards for its consistent and timely progress.
  • Should lead the organization towards development programs, organizational and financial plans along with the board of directors and other staff and implement the plans and policies at the end of the board’s approval.
  • Encourage active participations from volunteers from all areas of the organizational work.
  • Maintain all records, accounts and compliance with all government policies and have good working knowledge of current trends in the field.