Expected General and Technical Skills of a Network design engineer

Get Network design engineer job

Candidate applying for a Expert level network design engineer definitely must have 4 plus years of experience and strong knowledge in TCP/IP, knowledge about routing protocols and ability to handle large networks. Experience in Project management  is a great plus to obtain this job other than technicalqualifications.

Expected Skills for a Network design engineer

Technical skills required for Network design engineer

  • Complete end to end knowledge about TCP/IP , Routing protocols.
  • Knowledge about Ethernet switching and experience to handle larger networks  or prior experience in handling larger networks is an expected skill from an organization point of view.
  • Complete knowledge about application protocols. For example: HTTP, SSL, FTP , DNS etc and also knowledge about LAN infrastructures.
  • Knowledge and experience in working with  Network Management applications is a plus to obtain this job. For example like HP Open View.

General skills required to get a job as a Network Design Engineer

  • Must be a team player, must extract work from his/her team and ability to troubleshoot issues on time.
  • Excellent communication skills are required for this job
  • Ability is come up with new network designs which will save money and time for the organization.
  • Candidate must have multi tasking skills and the ability to do various jobs at one time.
  • Each and every organization give more importance on time management, candidate must really adhere to the policies of the organization and the candidate should be able to complete the tasks on time.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills needed, because troubleshooting requires experience and patience. The candidate must possess both to become a Network design engineer (Expert level).
  • Network design engineer works at different times, because at times there will be lot of work and travel inside the office and sometimes you will have no work. Network design engineer should be flexible in adjusting the times of any match.