Five Basic Skills or Qualification of Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning

Machine learning was introduced by Arthur Samuel in the year 1959, and there are three types of Machine learning concepts.

  • Supervised Learning
  • Un supervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are the two which is evolving in a  great way, as artificial intelligence has come up everywhere starting from your Android or iPhone. A data analyst can easily transform themselves into a Machine learning engineer.

As per the average salary of a Machine learning engineer, is 100 thousand dollars a year. Let us go in short about the top five basic skills or qualifications required to become Machine learning engineer.

  1. Foremost the world uses Python for Machine learning, you need to have good amount of coding experience with Python programming.
  2. Experience and a strong base of Data science technologies such as Hadoop, Data Analytics, Data Virtualization, Predictive analytics, Stream analytics.
  3. Experience in R programming is a plus and it is one of the basic skills required for this job.
  4. Apart from the database knowledge or experience such as SQL or Oracle.
  5. If you have the knowledge of MongoDB i.e. No SQL that is a plus.

  6. You must have the expertise in any one of the statistical modelling tools such as R or MATLAB.

There are few other skills, basically you need to have the business acumen to understand the industry and how to resolve business problems and a strong Data Analytics skills.

Wishing you all the best for searching a suitable Machine learning engineer job.