Five Main Responsibilities of a Call Center Executives

A call Center executive  is an important person playing a role between a client and the parent company. Here are the five main responsibilities of a call Center executive.



Responsibility # 1 –  Building up a Good Image and Rapport

A Call Center Executive is the first point of contact with a client who has a query or a problem. Hence he/she has a big responsibility of creating a good image for the company to the caller.

He/she must project the right kind of attitude so that the customer feels confident about getting a query addressed. A Call Center Executive also tries and builds an instant rapport with the customer so that it becomes easier to cater to the customer’s needs.

Responsibility # 2 –  Effective and Timely Communication

A Call Center Executive has to communicate very effectively with the customer and gather all possible information about the customer’s needs. He/she should learn to question effectively and listen patiently to  garner all the details about the problem.

A good Call Center Executive always communicates well and ensures that the customer’s calls are transferred to experts in case of such a need. He/she also calls back, takes messages and sends faxes within the committed time frame.

Responsibility # 3 –  Handle Different Customers

The work of a Call Center Executive involves handling different kinds of customers. He/she should be able to pacify an irate customer, be polite but firm with an annoying customer, help a poor speaker communicate his/her or her requirements well and assuage the feelings of an unsatisfied customer.

More often than not, a Call Center Executive has to work on human psychology to ensure that each customers are satisfied.

Responsibility # 4 – Make calls and follow up

Many call centers’ jobs not only involve inbound query handling but also selling a company and its products. In such a case, a Call Center Executive major duty is to make cold calls or call up old customers to sell a company’s services and products.

Responsibility # 5 – Always Maintain Good Telephone Etiquettes

It’s the responsibility of a call Center executive to maintain good telephone etiquettes. He/She should never cut a call abruptly, talk too loudly or be rude and abrupt. A call Center executive should also acquire excellent telephone presentation skills and modulate the pitch so that a customer feels good about the call.

Overall, a call Center executive has a big job of handling a customer and applying people skills over a telephone to increase the customer base of a company.