Top Four Responsibilities of a Bartender

There is more than what meets the eye when one walks into a bar and is greeted by a bartender. Just pouring drinks in a glass and letting the waiter serve is not the only job of a bartender. Here is a discussion on the four main responsibilities of a bartender:

Responsibility # 1 –  Create an Ambient Atmosphere

While a bartender does need to take care of the drinks, the onus is on the bartender to create an ambient atmosphere. He/she should be cheerful, happy and serve with a smile. Further a positive and energetic personality is a definite add-on for a bartender. A lot of guests always like to chat up with the bartender as they watch their drinks being made and so a grumpy attitude is a sure shot no-no.

Responsibility # 2 –  Mixing a drink

All the modern-day  bars have machines to mix drinks. However, a good bartender should always know all the ingredients that go into making a particular drink and should also know how to mix them in the correct proportion. A bartender should also have the capacity to mix drinks quickly without compromising on its flavor.

Responsibility # 3 –  Handling Customers

A bar is where one gets to meet a very wide range of people from all walks of life. The sheer range of customers requires a bartender to have maturity to handle people. The customers may become inebriated and demand for more drinks. The responsibility lies on the tender of the bar to smoothly ensure the exit of such patrons without giving in to the customer’s demands.

Responsibility # 4 –  Wear Multiple Hats

A bartender is generally the person on whose shoulders some customers sob after a heart break and a few rounds of a hard drink. He/she is also a privy to many secrets and confessions of patrons. Regular patrons also look up at the bartender for general advice and counseling. Further, it’s a bartender’s responsibility to ensure that no one under aged is served alcohol. They also have to check ID cards and also take care of the safety of the other customers when a particular customer starts getting violent after some drinks. Sometimes a bartender also doubles up as a waiter. He/She has to check on the quality of the drinks in the bar, order the replenishment  of supplies and take care of the cleanliness of the mugs and glasses in which the drinks are served.

Generally,  a bartender not just serves drinks but also plays the role that HR manager plays in a corporate.