Top Four Responsibilities of a PHP Developer

phpdeveloperresponsibiilitiesA PHP developer is one who has knowledge of PHP code and is hired by companies to run their websites. However, that is not the only responsibility of a PHP developer right from writing clean code to execution, Php developer has got many duties. Here is a brief description of the top four responsibilities of a PHP Developer.

Responsibility # 1 –  Code Analysis

The first responsibility of a PHP developer is to conduct a thorough analysis of the website/webpage requirements. The website/webpage could be a new one or could be an existing one which would need a creative revolution done to it. He/she has to have a brain storming session with the concerned management and the developmental team to come up with innovative ideas to create or revamp a website/webpage. After the brainstorming, the PHP developer has to evaluate the feasibility of all the ideas and come up with the deliverables. After identifying the possible creative ways for refurbishing or building a website, the PHP developer has to freeze on a final design and layout of the website/webpage. He/she also has to decide on the features and functionalities.

Responsibility # 2 –  Development & Database Optimization

Once the analysis and conceptualization of a website has been decided upon, the PHP developer has to apply his/her technical knowledge to actually develop the website/webpage as per the plan. The developer must ensure that the web page/website created is dynamic in nature and embeds all the advantages of the PHP script in it. Developer must also check the database optimization, at times of huge data, by developing a portal which has optimized database will definitely help the company and moreover most of the amateur PHP developers do not care about these things.

Responsibility # 3 –  Testing and Implementation

After the creation of the website/webpage, it is the developer’s responsibility to test the site/page. He/she must test it for all possible errors and must get feedback from the people who required the website/page. After locating the errors, he/she must debug them and check with the management to finalize the website/page. After getting approval, the developer should implement the webpage or host the website on the net.

Responsibility # 4 –  Maintenance and Improving Visibility

After publishing the required website/webpage, the developer has to be involved in maintaining it constantly. He/she must keep updating the page/site and also tweak up the functionalities to improve visibility and user interface. Usually, the impression created by a company’s website leaves a lasting imprint in the minds of clients and other users. So it’s the main responsibility of a PHP developer to ensure that the website creates a very good impression on the user.


Overall, it can be said that a PHP developer plays the role of technology to craft a company’s look and feel on the web. A big responsibility indeed!