Top Four Responsibilities of a Project Manager- Construction

While Project Managers everywhere are responsible for taking care of the end to end detailing of projects, every industry has certain specific needs. The following is the key responsibilities of a Project Manager in the Construction sector:

Responsibility # 1 –  Read the Blueprint

A project manager in the construction’s sector has to read all kinds of blueprints. He/she is responsible for getting the drawings (need not necessarily be for a single project) from the architects. The project manager is also accountable for drawing the various contracts, formulate the plan of action, ensure that timelines are met, negotiate the prices with the clients and handle the wage dispersion formalities.

Responsibility # 2 –  Coordinate and Communicate

The project manager of a construction company has to act as the point of contact between architects, contractors and sub contractors. He/She has to ensure the smooth function the project plan for all the construction projects that he/she is assigned. The project manager should also coordinate between other consultants, site supervisors, suppliers and the representatives of different companies for whom his/her or her company is doing projects. He/she should also arrange for site visits. Arranging for review meetings and communicating the needs of the different concerned parties to all the other involved people is a major responsibility of the project manager of a construction firm.

Responsibility # 3 –  Managing Legalities

A project manager of a construction firm is expected liaison with building inspectors, safety officials and city administrators. He/she has to strictly enforce adherence to safety protocols on all the construction work being done. He/she is also responsible for keeping track of the safety parameters and complete compliance to these parameters.  Further, the project manager has to check if all the terms and conditions of the contracts drawn are legal.

Responsibility # 4 –  Manage Crisis

Another major responsibility of a project manager in a construction firm is to manage any crisis that arises. The onus is on the project manager to handle clients when the plan does not go on schedule or when the actual construction may have a variation to the original plan. Innovation by the project manager is required when the construction has gone awry. He/She also has to adjust costs in case of sudden inflation or price hike of the required raw materials. Wage disputes, internal conflicts between supervisors and contractors and placating irate customers also fall under the overview of a project manager.

To sum it up, a project manager is the one key person to oversee the overall functioning of any construction project.