Top Four Skills Required in a Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts, in some ways, are the backbone of any organization because they take care of a multitude of activities and are responsible for a project from its start to finish. Here are the top four skills which are to be possessed by a good systems analyst:

Skill # 1 –  Analytical

At the beginning of a project, a systems analyst has to understand the requirements of the client and study the various ways in which the requirements can be met. Once the various ways are found out, the onus is on the systems analyst to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of every solution before deciding on a best feasible solution. The system analyst also has to analyze the ways and means of applying a solution which has been zeroed upon.

Skill # 2 –  Efficient Planning and Execution

A systems analyst is expected to have a keen eye for detail and has to plan the various stages in which the project has to be executed. He/she has to come up with a skeleton plan of how the product would look like and has to chalk out the deliverables. After defining the plan, he/she has to ensure that all the details of the plan are adhered to and the different stages are executed perfectly.

Skill # 3 –  Technical Knowledge

A systems analyst must have ample technical skills because they have to help the technical team design a product which is to suit the customer’s needs. He/She must have a working knowledge of the prevalent operating systems, programming languages and hardware platforms. A systems analyst is expected to help in coding and debugging of a customized product. Further, he/she should also be able to tweak up the initial design based on the customer’s feedback. The systems analyst is expected to constantly help in redesigning till the end product has been delivered to the client and has got the approval.

Skill # 4 –  Man Management

Any systems analyst has to have great interpersonal skills and the ability to manage people. He/she has to coordinate with the different technical teams and get the product customized as per requirement delivered within the deadline agreed upon. The systems analyst should ensure that no feathers have been ruffled and the whole team functions smoothly.

Overall a systems analyst has to multi- task effectively and helps the company deliver high class products, thereby increasing their client base and profits.