Front office Associate Job duties and skills

Front office associate is a position where you will be working in a Hotel, Health care agency or any agency, which would give more importance to the customer support. It is a responsible job, and individual must have these following duties.

Duties of a Front office Associate

  1. He/she must be able to build good rapport with the customers  and greet the customers when they enter the office overall building a strong relationship with the customers.
  2. Handle customer requests promptly
  3. It is the duty of a front office associate to keep a record on people who have come to the office. Maintain records of their queries /feedback.
  4. Handling cash and also maintaining account records are one of the duties of front office associate.
  5. Calling customers and confirming appointment is one of the duty of Front office Associate

Skills and qualification for this Job

Must be enthusiastic on work and should have a passion to excel in the job, pleasing to all and should have good interpersonal and good communication skills. Bachelor’s degree in respect to the industry they work as a front office associate is more than enough for the job. Must have computer knowledge working with Microsoft Word, Excel etc.