Genetic Engineering Research Technician Skills and Responsibilities


Genetic Engineering research scientist career involves manipulation, modification of the genes of plants, animals and other micro-organisms. They help in the preparation of tough antibiotics, and other pharmaceutical medicines. Help in finding out and clearing hereditary diseases and thwart the human infertility through genetic engineering.

Apart from human side, genetic engineering researchers also help in regulating of animal breeds, medicines for animals etc.  Genetically engineered drugs ,fertilizers, chemicals and other  similar products  involving  recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid  techniques  or gene merging to isolate, transplant genetic materials  are subjected to  a number of  lab testing involving  temperature testing, sterility testing, microbial limits testing etc.

Skills Required:

  • Doctor’s degree in biological science with a major in botany, zoology, biology, chemistry, embryology, biochemistry or relevant field in the undergraduate degree course.
  • Flair for research in the field of biotechnology involving genetic research.
  • Must be able to co-ordinate and talk to other scientist of the field.
  • Should have good cleanliness habits and highly safe standards.


  • Understand and work with a precise and highly complex subject matter.
  • Must extend their work timings in case of need in special projects.
  • Responsibilities vary from field to field as Genetic Engineering Research is found in the agricultural, medical, and private industrial fields.