Help desk manager Skills and Responsibilities

This job is for the experienced candidate  this job demands at least 3-5 years of  position in the managerial cadre. This job requires experience in dealing with customers/clients.  This job requires the following skills and qualifications.

Skills and qualifications to become a Help desk manager

  • Firstly, the individual applying for this position must have strong leadership qualities to manage a crew of people under him.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills both oral and written is  necessary for this job.  It must be a team leader and lead as an example to the team.
  • 3 to five years of  managerial experience and having professional experience  or certifications in support center management is an advantage.* Must have adequate knowledge in VoIP systems, Microsoft office and other software, which is required for the job.

Top responsibilities of a Help desk manager

  • Responsible for recruiting/training and scheduling tasks to right persons for the organization.
  • Responsible for providing higher level of satisfaction to the clients/customers, monitor and make evaluation on the quality of the call and also note down the client/customer feedback about what they feel about the support.
  • Constant monitoring of trends and changes and should know how to improve the customer satisfaction levels using latest methodologies.
  • Ensure that the goals / productivity levels are met on time, if not make arrangements such as recruiting more people for that particular task and complete the goals on time.
  • Provide training to the sub ordinates  of  his/her  team and teach them how to politely talk to the customers/clients and make them clearly work as a unit making them know that customers/clients are king.
  • Participate on all the senior management meetings, put forward suggestions on the improvement, changes and trends.
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These are the top responsibilities of a Help desk manager.

Note: this article is for informational purposes only, Help desk manager responsibilities might vary from each country and also changes by company.

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