About Highway Design Engineer Job responsibilities and duties

Highway Design Engineer

This job requires its ideal candidate to be an extensively experienced person within Highway Industry. Those possessing a experience of more than 5 years suit this job aptly.

Skills Required:

  • The job requires minimum degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent educational qualification.
  • Around  5 to 6 years of progressive experience in  highway designing. Preferred to be a BSCE or PE .
  • An indepth knowledge of  highway and urban design specifications.
  • Good knowledge of computer aided designing softwares to enable speedier execution of the project.

Experience in managing of a team of civil engineering coworkers.


  • Major roles an Highway design engineer needs to go through his career include
  • Surveying of sites requiring designing.
  • A deep analysis of the traffic data and the survey on the in and around areas of the proposed site.
  • Designing of the junctions and highways.
  • Performing the Optioneering work.
  • Excellent preparation of reports on various highway projects by the highway design engineer for the company.
  • Good team work, revolutionary thoughts of designs and a proactive handling of projects.
  • Responsible for all the highway designs of the company and its maintenance measures.