General Responsibilities and Educational qualifications of HR advisor

HR advisor is a job position which is taken by a HR professional who has many years of experience in HR. Basically HR advisor has  to be well versed on all the functions of HR management, HR legislative practices and HR advisor must have experience in the  related industry.  HR advisor must be able to train managers about various leave scenarios, disciplinary practices , identify, analyze and solve issues in the organization. Learn about the General Responsibilities of a HR advisor.

Responsibilities of HR advisor.

  • Provide training for managers, teach them about how to work as a HR generalist and teach them various employees related issues and what are the basic practices that are involved when an employee gets a maternity leave, wearing an informal dress all the HR codes must be trained clearly by the HR advisor.
  • Learn about the organizational training requirements and train according to it.
  • He should be assigned a team. He/she  should always participate on the all meetings with the team.
  • Design and communicate strategies to bring more employee involved on the job.
  • HR advisor has the responsibility of  guiding the  HR Assistants and HR Administrative Assistants towards the organizational goals.
  • HR advisor must take a lead role and help the team to achieve those goals on each projects.

Educational qualifications required to become a HR advisor

  • Bachelor degree related to HR or equivalent.
  • Getting a professional degree in completing CHRP(Certified Human Resource Professional )  is definitely a plus point in getting a job.
  • Above 5 years of experience as a HR Generalist or an HR administrator.
  • Familiarity with the industry and industry oriented HR practices.

These are the basic educational qualifications and responsibilities of a HR Advisor.