What is Human Resource Management | Qualities of HR manager

Human resource management is nothing but employing people, developing their resources and compensating their services with the job and organizational requirements.

HRM acts as a basic within an organization, HRM focuses on the process of selection, managing and providing direction to the people.


The personnel manager should have human approach to human problems – sympathetic attitude towards the workforce.

  1. He should be alert mentally and at no time, he should be caught unaware.
  2. He should be competent to take quick decisions
  3. He should have patience and should not lose temper easily.
  4. He should not depend upon his formal authority to much.
  5. He should be good leader so as to guide the subordinates towards organizational goals.
  6. He should have a sense of social responsibility so as to help his employees discharge their social obligations to the various segments of society.
  7. He should be a good communicator and should be courteous in dealing with workers, trade union leaders and members of the press.


  1. Changing technology leading to obsolescence of present skills and technique.
  2. Economic and industrial policy changes leading to tough competition from multinational companies.
  3. Changing international environment insisting on free flow of goods and services throughout the world.
  4. Changing profile of workers, e.g., increased educational level, rising share of women in the work force, increased emphasis on fulfillment of psychological needs.
  5. Customers will be always changing and the needs of the customer and their expectations will also change consistently, you need to adapt to each and every natural change occurring in the industry.

HRM is the basic to all functional areas. It is that point of management, which is concerned with people at work and with their relationships within an enterprise.

The operative functions of HRM consist of procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation. Increasing size of the work force, rising share of women in the workforce, increasing in educational level and technological advances are some of the emerging issue in HRM.