Description and work process of Industrial Engineer

A responsible Industrial engineer is the one who takes care of the industry needs and facilities available. Their work includes equipment maintenance, materials accounting, and preparing plan for the operation using the facilities. They play an administrative role in the industry assigning and commanding a jobto the available work force units with respect to the time estimated for that job.

They have the important responsibility of identifying the potentiality of a worker and planning the job accordingly inclusive of the time factor. They help in improving the operation efficacy by working out smart strategies with the available facilities. They also need improve the efficiency of the workers.

Obligations of an Industrial Engineer:

  • They have to analyze the availability of the facilities.
  • Then they have to prepare a layout with the analyzed data.
  • They need to forecast the risks and wastes they will come across during the process.
  • Using the analyzed data they should figure out the operation that needs to be undertaken with a priority scale.
  • Before taking up the task, they need to calculate the cost required for that particular task.
  • Sketching of process flow should be done in order to carry work in a confined sequence.
  • After the above works are over, they have to assign the jobs prepared to concerned individual and need to mention the estimated time duration to keep up the time efficiency.

Aspirants looking for the post of industrial engineer need to make sure that they are aware of the above mentioned duties.