Top Expected Skill sets for Infrastructure Monitoring Analyst

Mostly this type of jobs are created in banking industry, for every bank there is a central place where they place the servers, processors and all the important banking systems, this needs to be protected and monitored, Infrastructure monitoring analyst must monitor these core central banking systems and applications. This jobis highly sensitive job because it deals with core banking systems and applications.

An experienced person with hand full of experience in monitoring frameworks which acts as a hub to control all the other monitoring functions of the bank.  Ability to solve problems arise in the applications  and should have knowledge about leading banking software applications, knowledge about networking and various platforms such as Windows, Linux , Unix etc.

Top Expected Skill sets for Infrastructure Monitoring Analyst

  • Must have thorough knowledge on all the operating systems and platforms.
  • Knowledge of Server programming language  like Php, etc. This will vary according to the job requirements.
  • Trouble shooting abilities is needed on server issues, script languages, must be proficient in both server languages and script languages.
  • Company definitely needs an experience person to handle this job, the applicant must have at least 2 years of experience in handling and monitoring databases like My SQL, MS- SQL, Oracle etc.
  • Experience in administering monitoring applications
  • The candidate must obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Individual must have strong communication skills both verbal and oral.
  • Candidate applying for Infrastructure monitor analyst has got a great advantage in getting a job, when the applicant got certifications with Microsoft Certified professional , Cisco Networking Professional , etc.
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To summarize Infrastructure monitoring analyst, should know about all platforms, scripting languages, programming languages, little bit of networking and also certification from companies like Cisco or Microsoft.

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