Skills and Responsibilities of Insurance Underwriter

Insurance Underwriter – Skills and Responsibilities

Insurance Underwriters are those who appraise applications for insurance policies and determine the risks associated to the property or person listed in the insurance application. They decide on which risks need to be insured thereby act on financial well-being of the insurance company.


  • College graduates are the hot choice for this position. However, many high school grads that start their career as underwriting clerks advance up to this position.
  • Courses involving statistics, business, mathematics, insurance, finance are highly beneficial to this position.
  • A good analytical skill is a must as they need to scrutinize credit ratings, driving records, comparison of similar policies.
  • Excellent working knowledge in insurance related computer soft ware’s to rate and recommend applications.


  • Collect appropriate and accurate info’s required to decide on the acceptable risk for a policy.
  • Review policy applications based on the previous loss records, age, medical report, credit ratings, driving records.
  • Compare various policies having similar risk undertaking and conduct actuarial studies to decide on the company’s loss records.
  • Evaluation of policies with regards to the company’s underwriting standards.
  • Make the crucial decision as to accept or modify or reject an insurance application in view of the insurance company’s profits after tight scrutiny of all the required documents and studies regarding the risk involved.