Interactive marketing specialist Job description | General duties and Responsibilities

Interactive marketing specialist is a job for the experienced professionals, who are well versed in Product positioning and targeting. Normally Interactive marketing specialist will be a superior position to the marketing managerof the organization. Interactive marketing specialist will have to assist the existing marketing manager in deciding about the marketing strategies on how to promote the products or services of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities of interactive marketing specialist

  • Responsible to create new marketing  strategies working collaboratively with the existing marketing manager for product positioning and finding out the target segment.
  • Find new marketing opportunities and strategies to promote products and responsible for customer retention.
  • Analyze the pattern of customer/client behavior, interactive marketing specialist responsibility is to increase more sales or repeated product purchase as far as client/customer is concerned.
  • Make sure all the basic things of the business are met, work closely with the marketing team to produce great results.
  • Participate in marketing seminars , find ways to improve the quality of products and service and a interactive marketing specialist is important for more business and help business reap more ROI.

Experience and skills required to become a Interactive Marketing specialist

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in marketing, product positioning and targeting.
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree and preferably a Masters Degree in Business or equivalent to Business education.
  • Must have sound knowledge about the industry on which he/she is going to apply for job as Interactive marketing specialist.
  • Skills required : Should be able to operate internet, working knowledge in working with Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point Presentations.
  • Project Management skills is really an advantage to get this job.
  • Keep up the time and fantastic communication and interpersonal skills needed.

These are the qualifications and skills required for a Interactive Marketing Specialist