Interim Project Manager – Skills and Responsibilities

Interim Project Manager

Interim Project Management is a highly professional and specialist field in any organization. In today’s world many directors think of appointing a management consultant and ultimately end up in deploying an interim manager as they feel interim managers offer clear advantages over the management consultant who is focused with many companies.

The Interim managers offer latest thinking to the projects as they have eminent strategic capability with an independent eye and the ability to track critical projects in faster phase.  Nowadays the position interim project manager is used to public projects such as swine flu preparedness planning, elder care projects etc…

Skills and Qualifications:

  • A professional education in their respective field and up to date with latest trends in their respective field.
  • Good analytical, planning and implementing skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills with CEO’s and other managers.

Latest software skills and experience on their respective field like the few of the fields mentioned below

1)  Interim Project Manager – Purchaser – Specialization in e-sourcing, SAP etc.

2) Interim Project Manager – Logistics –  Network Optimization, SAP – Supply Chain Management

3) Interim Project Manager –  HR –  HR related solution software’s, SAP – HR, payroll software

And  other fields of  Interim Project  management  such as interim managers of Community Health Development, Flu Planning,Operations,contracts,Service ,software programmed etc…


  • Should be focused on delivering client satisfaction for immediate assignments.
  • Must be keen to hold accountability from cradle to grave.
  • To show professional expertise in highly risky and highly profitable ventures and demonstrate talents from the day one.
  • Individual reputation must be demonstrated in each and every project along with a good decision making capacity on complex problems.